Introducing The Donut Burger

The Donut Burger

We work hard to come up with unique and interesting burger ideas. It’s our goal to bring a unique and special burger to you each month. It’s a lot of fun and it gives us a great way to learn about your taste buds. For example, people loved the Campfire Burger so much, we decided to add it to our permanent menu. For December, we decided to get really crazy and try something really different. We thought, why not let our burgers try on a new bun for some added fun. Then we thought, forget the bun altogether. Let’s use a donut. Yep, our December burger of the month is The Donut Burger.

What’s on a donut burger?

So you’re probably thinking, “Cammack Station, you’ve gone nuts!” But if you’re completely honest with yourself, you’re also quite curious, a little confused, and now somewhat hungry. In fact, you’re probably trying to imagine what a thick warm juicy burger tastes like when combined with a sugary sweet plain yeast donut. Well, take our word for it….it’s STUPID. Stupid good that is. Now you can customize this burger any way you want but it comes standard with our thick burger patty, bacon, grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and of course…the yeast donut. We highly recommend the pepper jack cheese because it creates the most amazing combination of sweet and heat that make your taste buds do a happy dance. Our next best suggestion would be the cheddar cheese but please don’t skip the bacon. You’d really be missing out. We don’t include any other sauces or toppings but if you’re feeling courageous, go for it.

Use the hashtag #cammackdonutburger

This thing is so crazy it’s bound to result in some of you taking pictures of your delicious donut burger. We’d love to see those pictures. Post them on our Facebook wall (be sure to like our page too while you’re at it), upload them to Twitter (@cammackstation), put them on Instagram (@cammackstation). Use the hashtag #cammackdonutburger so we can see and possibly share your pictures with world (at least our Cammack Station world).

Cammack Station Donut Burger

What are you waiting for? Go get a donut burger so you can at least say you tried it.


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