November Burger Special: The Sticky Burger

Cammack Station Burger

Greetings Cammack Station fans. Each month we work hard to get creative and adventurous in the burgers we offer. Last month, our Campfire Burger was such a hit, we’ve decided to add it to our regular menu. For November, we’ve got a burger special that will no doubt raise some eyebrows, and hopefully some taste buds. There is just something about the combination of sweet and spicy. Another combination is weird and unorthodox and those are the words some folks will no doubt use to describe our November Burger Special: The Sticky Burger. While definitely weird and unorthodox it is in fact sweet and spicy but it’s also amazing and delicious. We promise!

What’s on The Sticky Burger?

Like all of our burgers, you can order this one on either grilled Texas toast or a sweet and buttery brioche bun. On top of our third pound Angus beef patty is crispy bacon and pepper jack cheese. On top of all that goodness we put a healthy slathering of our peanut butter sauce. Yes, you are reading that correctly: bacon, pepper jack cheese, and peanut butter sauce. Sounds strange but peanut butter is becoming quite the popular ingredient to use on sandwiches and burgers. So, we’re giving it a go at Cammack Station in our November Burger Special. By the way did you know that the United States is leading exporter of peanut butter. Americans consume $800 million annually. We’re just doing our part.

Cammack Station Burger Special

Feel free to get all custom on this burger special. We love it when you do. Order it with other toppings such as pickles (sounds weird but seriously…it’s good) or give it some extra heat by adding jalapenos.  If you’re not into spicy, skip the pepper jack cheese and try one of our other cheeses: American, Swiss, or cheddar. If you want to get really adventurous and add a fried egg giving you an alternate twist to our Rooster Burger.

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