Welcome Shane Shafer, our new General Manager

We just wanted to take a moment to officially welcome our new general manager, Shane Shafer, to the Cammack Station family. Even though he’s been hanging around for a few weeks getting to know our staff, recipes, and customers it was only this past week that he officially started as our new General Manager. We are so excited to have him on our team and love all of his new ideas.

A little about Shane:

Shane has only been in Indiana for about five years now and loves it. Though he was born in San Diego, California he spent most of his life growing up in Oregon. He brings to our team nearly 10 years of experience working in the restaurant business. He first got into the business after he was inspired by his best friend who was a chef. So inspired in fact, that he went to work for him where he claims he “learned the ropes” of the business. ¬†Shane’s passion for the kitchen started long before those days though. His first inspiration was his grandma, Gannie. He started helping her in the kitchen when he was 10 and it was downhill from there. He was once the only guy in his home economics class.

Shane loves the midwest and he really loves midwestern style comfort food. Naturally, he’s excited to be working at Cammack Station for that very reason. When we asked him what he loves about Cammack he added that he loves retro anything, including old cars and diners. Lot’s of his reasons for being intrigued about Cammack can be found on the walls and on the outside of our old fueling station building. If you’ve been here before you totally get what we’re saying. If you haven’t, just check out our gallery on Instagram for a glimpse.

Shane Shafer, Cammack Station

We also asked Shane what his favorite part of working in a restaurant like Cammack Station is. His reply was just another reminder why we hired him and why we’re so excited about what he’s going to bring to our team. “I love serving people and I love creating relationships with them. Everybody that walks in that door has a story and I want to know it. The kids are amazed when they walk in and I love seeing their little faces full of wonder and joy when they come in. I want our customers to have an amazing experience when they come to Cammack Station.”

Next time you’re in Cammack, be on the lookout for Shane Shafer and give him a warm welcome. He can’t wait to get to know you.



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