About Us

Cammack Station is a place where friends gather, people smile, and the nostalgic presence is a welcome break from today’s chain restaurants. Our quaint brick building resides on the corner of Old Mill Street and West Jackson Street just west of Muncie. The historic building was built in 1931 and was formerly the home to multiple groceries and fueling stations, most recently Pete’s Grocery.  Owner, Dick Howe, purchased the building and converted it to the restaurant in 2007. A second renovation and expansion occurred in 2009 to accommodate additional seating, kitchen space, and storage. Much of the building’s history is preserved and represented in various antiques and pictures on the walls.

At Cammack Station, you can enjoy eating inside surrounded by historic memorabilia and oldies music. If the weather is nice, you might choose to enjoy your treat on our peaceful brick patio.  Either way, we’re confident you’ll enjoy our old-fashioned sandwiches, one of a kind burgers, homemade salads, creamy ice cream, and our famous milkshakes and sundaes. Enjoy it fresh because our food is made to order! 

Why is it called “Cammack” Station? Even though we have a Muncie address, we’re actually located right in the heart of Cammack, Indiana. With no stoplights and just a handful of stop signs, Cammack is a quaint historic town residing just outside of Muncie and Yorktown. When the owner, Dick Howe, decided to take over Pete’s Grocery and convert it into the restaurant in 2007, it was only fitting to call it Cammack Station. Much of the building’s history is preserved and represented in various antiques, pictures, and stories on the walls.

We hope once you visit, you’ll never forget your experience and you’ll be sure to “Cammack and See Us.”

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